Who we are

Begin communication.

« People of Earth, BEWARE! Your screens are about to be taken over by an unstoppable flow of « Drive-in Movie Channel » waves. A global onslaught that will forever change the way you puny Humans watch TV.

Brought to life by some of the most deranged minds in the universe, this flow was designed for a single purpose: to entertain you.

Brace yourselves, for the « Drive-in Movie Channel » will electrify you like no other channel ever has, with non-stop, 24/7 access to a massive collection of films, series and programs of all shapes and sizes. Just picture it: Santa Claus fleeing from a pack of Martians, tumbling down a stairwell on the Potemkin in a pram, under the unflinching gaze of a tap-dancing cowboy… How’s that for madness?

Well, that is nothing compared to what the creators of this channel intend to inflict on you. You will be asked to summon all your senses.

Better still, you might even want to share them with your family and friends. This could very well mark the end of society as we know it.

This is our final warning, designed to prepare you for what is to come. Now is the time you arm yourselves with the three only weapons that might help you survive this scourge: a comfy sofa, a bucket of popcorn, and a barrel of cool drink. We have done what we could to help you, now you are on your own. You alone know what to do…».

End communication.